Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The joys for being a RATIONAL number is that you have so many different looks you take. If you are feeling like living life on the edge you can be in FRACTION form. If you are feeling normal and fitting in, you can be in DECIMAL form that either terminates or repeats.

For those IRRATIONAL numbers, they sadly can take no other from than a DECIMAL which never terminates nor never repeats. They never get to change their look and live life on the edge.

  1. Watch these two videos for a better understanding of the differences between RATIONAL and IRRATIONAL numbers.

    2. Once you have watched, complete the following IXL lesson D.1 and you must complete at least 15 problems and score at least a 70%. 

   3. Once completed, fill out the reflection form. Please complete before class tomorrow.

Matthew Grainger